HDPE Pipes

Western Hdpe Pipes

As Per IS 4984:2016

About HDPE Pipes

HDPE PIPE has the ability to withstand harsh chemicals without corrosion and leak as well as the tight installation, polyethylene (PE) has been regarded as the ideal material for the gas industry. Additionally, PE joints offer leak-free connections that outperform other competing materials in terms of reliability and longevity, not to mention the remarkable savings on the installation costs and life of the materials. Improvements in the strength and performance of PE materials has resulted in water, chemical & several other industries needing solutions for liquid and gas transfer to adopt PE for its pressure transmission networks.

The polyethylene we manufacture has been effectively stabilized with carbon against UV radiation effects. The Stabilization also server to counteract head fatigue, thus increasing life.


Approved As per BIS IS 4984:2016 which use as hdpe pipes for potable water supply systems.


High quality material grades are used like Pe100, Pe80, Pe63 & made from 100% Verging materials.


Survive in very High temperature due to its high creak and stress resistance manufacturing process.


Elastic Suitable

Elastic Suitable for underground pipes through the adjustment to local ground movement Excellent elasticity resulting in installation ease. Advantage of safe application in irregular surfaces like the sea, river passages, low temp terrain


Impact-resistant and tough Unbreakable and breakage resistance Higher durability & advantage of easy installation and transport without material loss


Smooth internal wall Low blockage risk due to low deposit/residue effects Smooth internal surface brings considerable savings in the service and overall line costs

UV resistant

High resistance to direct sunlight  UV resistant Application in open-air unrestricted through coloring with carbon black


Wear-resistant Lower cost due to relative long life High resistance to chemicals, corrosion, decaying and abrasion


Non-Toxic, Food Grade can also be used in the food and Pharma industry. Insulating Non-conductive

Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

Suitable for the transport of polluted wastewater This system resists chemical attack from aggressive soils. There is no need for a protective layer or finishing process

Poor heat conductivity

Poor heat conductivity No condensation possible during short periods of cooling Non-toxic Environmental friendly

Suitable For Welding

Highly suitable for welding Easy installation using butt-welding and electrofusion techniques. Homogeneous welded joints Pull tight and leak proof. Perfect leak-proof joints possible – no cracks – no breaks and no deformation

Applications :

Domestic & Others :

  • Portable water supply in a rural and urban area
  • For Colony Water system
  • Biogas, cool gas, and natural gas distribution lines
  • Telecommunication cable ducting
  • Air Conditioner Ducting

Agriculture :

  • Water supply irrigation field
  • Submersible pump
  • Drawing water from pump sets for distribution
  • Landscape Irrigation

Idustrial :

  • Chemical Industries for disposal of chemical waste
  • Oil and Milk Transportation
  • Discharge of Radioactive waste
  • Acid and slurries transportation
  • Saltwater landing

Quality :

Western Is Using Some Of The Worlds High-Grade Materials For Manufacturing Quality Products. We have an In-House Testing laboratory to test our products and here we follow the policy that every single lot was ok tested before dispatch.

We have received many awards quality of the product and still day by day we are improving to meet customer requirements.