MDPE Pipes


Western Blue MDPE pipes are a major product as, no matter what size contract you are working on, MDPE will always come into play whether it be an irrigation system, house building, or even a hydro scheme. At Western, we offer a full range of pipeline products for water, gas, and Telecom Duct pipe systems. Referred to as MDPE (medium density polyethylene) these plastic pipes are used as a replacement for traditional copper pipes, saving time and cost on installation.

Ultimately, anywhere where there is a tap, you are going to need a water supply so these products are a basic yet vital component in any project. From distilleries to construction sites MDPE is almost certainly playing a part, so it’s important to know the differences in the product we offer and where you can use them in your project.

Standards of MDPE Pipe:

Western Mdpe Pipe As Per Iso 4427:2:2007

Characteristics of MDPE Pipe:

  • Colour – Blue
  • Elastic Suitable for underground pipes through an adjustment to local ground movement
  • Impact-resistant and tough Unbreakable
  • Smooth internal wall Low blockage risk due to low deposit/residue effects
  • UV resistant Application in open-air unrestricted through coloring with carbon blue
  • Wear-resistant Lower cost due to relative long life
  • Insulating Non-conductive
  • Chemical resistant Suitable for the transport of polluted wastewater
  • Poor heat conductivity No condensation possible during short periods of cooling
  • Non-toxic Environmental friendly
  • Highly suitable for welding Easy installation using butt-welding and electrofusion techniques
  • Homogeneous welded joints Pull tight and leak proof
  • Prefabrication Fast and cost-saving installation



For Clean Potable Drinking water :
  • Suitable for drinking water
  • Municipal corporation water supply system
  • Residential colonies
  • Housing societies
  • Water boards
  • Corporations etc.